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Family Run And Established In 1979

Family Run And Established In 1979

Air Conditioning


Leak Detection, Repairs & Regassing





We use the Four Seasons  Fully Automatic machine for air conditioning regassing, fault finding and maintenance for all air con systems using refrigerant R134a, which is vehicles from about 1990 onwards.


Leak Detection


For leak detection Nitrogen is used to pressurize the system, then if a pressure drop is evident the whole system is examined to locate the source of the leak.


A  refrigerant leak detector, is also used where applicable.


Ultra Violet dye can be added to the refrigerant and then the system inspected using a UV light to find leaks as well.


Once the point of refrigerant loss has been identified the customer will be contacted and advised of our findings. At that time a verbal quotation for remedial works will be given, alternatively you will be informed that further investigations are required, the potential outcome and costs.

Subject to agreement a repair will be effected and the system will be pressure tested using nitrogen. With the system integrity proven it will be filled with refrigerant to the manufacturers specification. The system will be performance tested prior to the customer being contacted and informed of the completion of the  work.


The performance of the system can be evaluated from the high and low pressure readings from the Four Seasons machine, temperature readings taken of the a/c pipework at various point around the system using an infra red type temperature gauge together with the air vent temperature inside the vehicle.